Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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christmas 2008

My family spent our Christmas in our home. The kids have a great time opening their gifts. And they have many toys to play. We have a simple Christmas lunch. I cooked spaghetti ( the kids favorite) and puto. And got cake and chicken from the store:)! it's not much but just enough for our family. I don't like to have too much left over and don't like throw food if we can't eat all of it. Over all it's a great day for us. I hope everyone enjoy their Christmas too! the next day we went to met our Filipino friends and celebrate with them too. It's a fun day with friends!! Anyway i hope everyone have a great day!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Happy Holiday!!

I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas. I wish all have great time with family and friends. And have a good health and get the present they hope for:)! Anyway have a blessed holiday and hope everyone to have a great weekend too!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

LApolice gear Tactical Jackets

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

first snow of 2008

My kids really enjoyed playing in the 1st snow this year.They really like being outside even it's too cold for me. This is my daughter's 1st time to really play long time with snow because last year she's only 10 months old when i allowed her to just sit in snow for us to get a pictures of her:)! My son's loves to drive around his ford truck outside. Anyway have a great day!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

charice at macy's thanksgiving parade

I always watch Macy's thanksgiving parade. And it's a bit more interesting for filipino. Because of Charice Pempengco on being party of Macy's thanksgiving parade. And she sing celine dion's because you love me. With many people watching this is really a good exposure to a good Filipino talent like her. Charice really make Filipino proud!! So here's the video from you tube-enjoy!!

Nikon Ultimate Hunter's Package Deal

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

birthday party!!

My son and I celebrated our birthday together yesterday. It's great to have filipinas and their family to share our day! It's a great day not too cold and windy outside because we rent a moonwalk for the kids. My sister help me cooked and prepare the party. Over all the party went great, the kids have a good time in the moonwalk and nearly all i invited came even they are far from us so the 25 guest that we have yesterday is really a good size for my family to host, not too big not too small just the right size for our house:)! It's great to be around filipina and enjoying filipino foods too! My son is happy for the gifts that he got and his blues clues cake:)! My family like to thanks everyone for who came and for all the gifts we received. Here are some pictures from yesterday.Anyway have a great day!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The National Institute of Marriage Counseling

Many people are getting affected by todays changes in economy. Married couple are getting busy from making ends meet. For their family to have a good life. But as couple get busy sometimes couple don't have time for each other anymore. As many said no marriage are perfect. Many still manage to fix their problem by themselves but other just gave up and ended up in divorce. Now there's a way to get help about your marriage. National Institute of Marriagehave developed a continuum of care that meets couples wherever they may be in their relationship,regardless of the health of their marriage and have a service that can help them improve their marital satisfaction. They developed the Christian Marriage Counseling programs to continue to see a dramatic impact in the marriages of couples through our Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs.

Through the Intensives Marriage Counseling Programs National Institute of Marriage team members accomplish three very important goals: restoring couples, remaining connected to God's desire and ability to transform marriages, and, to continue learning, applying, and teaching the life-changing concepts that result in successful marriages. And their vision pursuing excellence in the integration of Christian faith and professional discipline, NIM will find innovative and effective ways to influence our world toward God-inspired lives and marriages.

Press Release:

With the national divorce rate around 50%, there is no doubt that many marriages run into communication problems at some point. There is a communication epidemic. The National Institute of Marriage has created marriage counseling programs and resources utilizing a structure that is the most powerful format they have found for helping couples who feel stuck and hopeless. They have designed several programs to help couples move past the barriers and experience the marriage of their dreams.
NIM's Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs are unique from weekly marriage counseling in three distinctive ways:

· Intensive Marriage Counseling Format: Committing to an extended amount of concentrated time like the 2 or 4 day Marriage Intensive allows people to get to the root of the problem and stick with it in order to work through it. If you’ve been in traditional marriage counseling before, you may have experienced how you spend the first half catching up from the week before, the second half getting into the real issues, and then the time is gone. The Intensive format is designed so that people have the chance to go deeper without many of the other distractions of daily life and have enough discuss to consider solutions.

· Efficiency: One of the first steps in the process is an extensive assessment with some questionnaires. This allows the therapists to gather background information and can get an idea of the best strategy to proceed before you arrive for your session.

· Marriage Counselors: The counselors at the National Institute of Marriage are specialists in this area. One analogy we like to use is that of the Mayo Clinic: people go to their regular physician but may be sent to a specialist to work with specific areas. The NIM marriage therapists have been trained in this format to maximize its effectiveness. Also, the NIM marriage counseling programs provide the perspectives and insight of two professionals rather than one.
If you are considering divorce, you must try the National Institute of Marriage before giving up. They have developed a continuum of care that meets couples wherever they may be in their relationship. Regardless of the health of their marriage they have a service that can help couples improve their marital satisfaction. Visit their website at Read the incredible testimonies from the couples that saved their marriages by attending a Marriage Intensive at the National Institute of Marriage.


I have a new favorite tv series aside from heroes and lost that too long to come back with it's new season is fringe. It's a sciefi show that have similar plot like heroes that people have different capabilities and they looking where it come from. It's great to watch Joshua Jackson grew us from this dawson creek days to a good actor in this series. It just started last september but i now watch it regularly and even record it when i got busy:)!! anyway have a great day!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 myspace graphic comments
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TurboCharger Pros

Many of us buy cars and upgrade the look of it for our specification. Even some want to change it's speed and go faster.We used to have a mustang and we like it's look and speed. And maybe in the future we are thinking to get a nice car and increase the speed of our automobile performance and of course do it at affordable rates. So i found Pros is a complete resource for Turbocharger, Supercharger, nose cones and more. If you have Volkswagen and want to increase the speed you need a vw turbocharger. And if you have other model of cars they have a big database contains thousands of Air Induction parts including super charger, turbo chargers and nose cover for all makes and models, all ready to ship same day or next business day at affordable rates. Convenient, personalized and user-friendly online purchasing and open 24 hours which is great for you that don't have time to go to store. A tremendous selection of quality, brand name parts and accessories with top-notch customer service with Live Toll Free Phone Support and lowest prices anywhere you cannot go wrong. So if you feel a need for speed of your car and maybe want to give it someone who like to have faster car as gift for this holiday check out

Monday, November 17, 2008

5th birthday!!

For my son's 5th birthday i plan a party for him in this play area with lot's of moonwalks/bouncer but decided not to pursue it because we plan to invite his preschool classmates but my hubby taught it will be on thanksgiving weekend and maybe many are out of town and he's still new at school and the kids parents don't know us yet. So i talked to his teacher and we will just do a classroom birthday party and i will bring cupcake, other treats and goody bags for his classmates and everyone will be there to celebrate it with him. My son want to have a mickey mouse clubhouse theme party, I think that will be great for his age now. And we will just have a bigger party plan when he get older and know more kids! i know next year he know many kids from his school now when they all move to kindergarten and i plan to enrolled him to soccer or softball next summer. So he will know and friends more kids before his 6th birthday.I plan to have his 7th birthday in Philippines so he will got a big party there:)! on my daughter's 1st birthday we have 120 guest so his party maybe will be in that size too! It's really great seeing my son's grew and becoming a big boy. Anyway have a great day!!

Cydcor's Pre-Holiday Food Drive

Holiday season is just around the corner. And not everyone can afford to have a food for their family. Cydcor have a Pre-Holiday Food Drive that making an increasing difference in communities and help people at a time of increasing need. Due to economic downturn that has contributed to rising need, many local food banks are seeing heavier demand during the non-holiday season and it's great that Cydcor made an efforts and encouraged its employees to participate in a pre-holiday food drive to help people in need.

Press Release:

Cydcor Employees Donate to Pre-Holiday Food Drive

Team members of leading global provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams give groceries and hygiene products during economy slump.

Westlake Village, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2008 -- Employees of Cydcor, the leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams, donated 26 bags of groceries and hygiene products to a Manna-sponsored food drive in October as part of the company's ongoing community philanthropy.

Amid an economic downturn that has contributed to rising need, many local food banks are seeing heavier demand during the non-holiday season. Cydcor Chief Executive Officer Gary Polson encouraged team members to get involved in Manna's food drive efforts after learning about the food banks' plight leading into the heavy-use holiday season. More than a dozen Cydcor employees immediately took action and purchased goods for the cause.

I'm thrilled that Cydcor team members are making an increasing difference in communities where we live, work and play through charitable efforts like this. This effort will benefit so many people at a time of increasing need," Polson said. "We hope to continue our donations in times when the collections hit a slump - before Thanksgiving, after Christmas and during the summer."

Cydcor puts a large emphasis on corporate philanthropy. In 2008, the company launched Cydcor Cares' Volunteer Day and Neighborhood Leaders Program, both of which are internal programs to encourage team members to become more involved in their local communities and volunteer their time to charity, occasionally during work hours. Since 2007, Cydcor has maintained a partnership with Casa Pacifica, a residential treatment facility in Camarillo for abused, neglected and emotionally disturbed children.

About Manna
Manna is an emergency food distribution center that helps families, seniors and the disabled during temporary financial crises. Manna volunteers have served the communities of Thousand Oaks, Newbury, Agoura Hills and Camarillo for the past 38 years. Manna receives no government funding, but continues to operate on the donations from area church groups and business organizations.
About Cydcor, Inc.

Cydcor, Inc., is the leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams to a diverse client base of companies in a range of industries, including telecommunications, office products, retail energy and financial services. Cydcor works with a network of independently owned corporate licensee (ICL) sales offices providing clients with access to more than 2,700 sales professionals and 200+ offices in North America. The privately held company is based in Westlake Village, California.
For more information about Cydcor, log on to

Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Birthday Month!

My son and i have the same month of birthday. We usually celebrated our birthday together with few friends. We celebrate it a week after my birthday and a week before his. And he's a day before thanksgiving baby so usually we celebrate his birthday during thanksgiving with family. My sister is coming and help me cook which is great:)! I invite some families i know but only a few are coming and still not get back to me to tell me if they can make it. I hope they can! I know many are busy because of the holiday so i understand. And i found out there are many have November birthday too so maybe they already have plans. I don't really have lot's of close friends here, many are acquaintance!It will be great to have more time to get to know every filipina/person i meet and maybe develop friendship! maybe in the near future!! I'm still blessed to still have a small celebration for me and my son with family and friends. But having another birthday is enough reason to be happy and celebrate it with my family and friends who want to be with us that day and i appreciate very much for them to take time to be with us!i really hope for a great weather that day !

Auto Collission Repair Experts

Everyday when your driving you always thinking of what if you got into accident and need to find auto repair shops that have a great reputation. Auto Collission Repair have largest network of auto repair shops that are collision repair experts. They have network of auto body shops has thousands of testimonials and feedback ratings so you don't have to take any chances getting your vehicle back to condition like nothing happens to it. Of course we need our vehicles as soon as possible but still like to have the quality of work done like collision repair experts can do.

Parent Teacher Conference

My son's preschool has Parent Teacher Conference this week. I signed to have it yesterday at 12:30 pm. My hubby and I already notice lots of improvement in our son when he start school. He talks a lot now and ask too much question:). This is his first experience in school not like most of his classmate that started preschool when they are 3 or even much younger.I'm really looking forward to get report from the teacher on what he's doing at school. There are no grading system yet but they have a list what the school standard on kids. The teacher give us the report chart and it's look great:) i know my son is still in adjustment period because he's only been in school almost 3 months. His teacher told us his doing great for a kid just have now started to be in school setting. Academic wise his doing great! It's just he's still shy and talk so soft with the other kids but he talks so loud at home: But the teacher said he like to be part of the group now and not too shy anymore and staring to talk a lot now too!! He just need to overcome his shyness and participate more with his classmate I'm glad on what he learned at school because it cost a lot for us:)! and hope it will continue next school year.Anyway have a great day!

Lap Band Surgery

Many people are having problem with gaining weight and obesity.They tried every diet pills and exercise program but still not get the result they want to feel good about them selves. Lap Band Surgery is one of the way to loose weight . At JourneyLite they have many lapband doctor that are experienced, skilled surgeons that have been specially trained and thrive on seeing their patients succeed. And are committed to helping you make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to achieve and maintain your goal. So if you know someone looking for lapband doctor tell them about journeylite and help someone you know in just sharing this information!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

veterans day!! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Veteran's Day Graphics

My husband used to served the marines and today is Veterans Day- honors American veterans. This day if for all living and dead veterans and intended to thank living veterans for dedicated and loyal service to their country. November 11 of each year is the day that we ensure veterans know that we deeply appreciate the sacrifices they have made in the lives to keep our country free. to all men and women served/serving their country, thank you!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Work Boots USA

The holiday season is coming and it's time for gift giving. Many of of us know people who need a comfortable and great quality work boots for their work. Work boots USA have many boots to choose from that someone will like to received this Christmas. They have many work boots every person want and need. Work boots USA supply the highest quality foot protection from CAT, Wolverine, Bates, Rocky, Converse and many other top name brands. Each product has been chosen for its reliability and durability. No matter what you do for a living, if you need quality foot protection. Work boots USA are able to bring you the best product at the lowest prices you will find!So take a look at their website to find a great quality, low price, top brand and many styles work boots

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

trick or treats '08

The kids have fun last Halloween. We even went out early right after six to go trick or treats in our neighbors. We only lasted nearly an hour because my daughter got tired already and it's getting cold and dark. And she's already coughing. So we just give out treat from our house. We have many kids again maybe nearly 80 or more. There are lots of kids from different neighborhood that goes in our subdivision, i saw that cars and mini van and dropping kids to goes around here. I turn off our light around 8:30 ,my kids are getting tired and sleepy. But there are still kids whose using the door bell or knocking even the lights outside is off. Here if your done giving treats just turn off the light so kids will know your done for the night. But i guess not all like that and try their luck if people will still open doors for them. So after i turn off our light kids still knocked so i just looked out in the window and saw maybe a dozen or more kids in our driveway:) and i saw some cars drop them off, so there are not from our subdivision. i like to open the door to give out my left over treats but i saw there are more large group of older kids coming from the other side so i just ignore them because my kids are getting ready for bed and my lights are off so i figure they will get the message and I'm not sure if i have enough treats left to give. Anyway the kids have a great day and here is a picture of my dark knight and little bee. Have a great day!

Save in Stylish Prescription Glasses from ZenniOptical

As the prices of gas, grocery and necessities in life changes,we need to watch out how to spend our hard earned money. We look and search on how to saved. From not eating out to much and watch for the sale in stores.

For me i need to change my glasses but with the hight prices of prescription eyeglasses i really need to researched online on how i can get a good quality glasses in good price.Then i found . They sells Stylish Prescription Glasses, a huge selection of frames, with single vision lens and all the kind of lens you will need. They have glasses for a great prices that you cannot beat if you compare it to retail glasses store.

When i got a eyeglasses from ZenniOptical and compare it to my glasses i bought for a few hundreds of dollars. I hope that i found ZenniOptical sooner. It's great to have that extra cash to have in hand specially to a mother like me. Any thing to save and add to my family's budget will be great. So share this information to your family and friends that need prescription glasses i bet they will be glad to know that they can get a good quality, many syles glasses in a very great price.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

pumpkin patch '08

i forgot to update this blog after we went in pumpkin patch. My kids really enjoyed visiting this farm, we are lucky to have a patch just near our place. But due to many rains days it's a bit muddy but still fun for the family. Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch. Have a great Saturday!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

big girl bed

We finally got my our daughter her own twin bed. I plan to move her to her own bed when she turns 2 but it will be in January and i don't like to shop around and it's hard to paint a room when it's too cold and winter here. And she's getting interested to be in his brother's bed and of course it's not big enough for the two of them and my son want his space for his own and he always share but it's better for her to get her own bed anyway:)!. I choose for them to share a room for now until they get older and get tired of being together on one room:)And my son will moved to our bigger room which as of now set up as guest room. They will share my son's room but it's has been painted blue, so painted the room with 3 colors - blue, pink and yellow. It turned out great:) it's a lot of work and a bit pricey too lol!! but it's great to make a room with boy and girl colors in it. We went in Nebraska furniture store which is too big and many selection to choose from, my husband and kids are getting tired from waiting for me to make up my mind and already pick the bed:)!here is the bed we got for her it's Enchantment Collection from legacy classic kids co.
As for now we only got the bed set but when she grow older and got the room by her self i plan to get the dresser,night stand and study desk from this collection as in the picture. It will be deliver tomorrow and i will take pictures as soon i set up their bedroom and share it here -one of the the joy of being a mom:)!!anyway have a happy day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

happy day!!

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Charice Sings My Heart Will Go On Oprah

Charice- Celine Dion Duet : Because You Loved Me

Sunday, August 31, 2008

happy labor day!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

visit to Omaha Zoo

It's been a while since i update my blog, i don't have a chance to get any ppp. I don't know how people can get many ops so fast and earn that that much of money. Maybe they just have the patience to wait and got it on the right time:)!! good for them... maybe i will be lucky in months to come.

Anyway my family went to Omaha for my sister's wedding. I'm the matron of honor and my kids are flower girl and ring bearer. They got married a few weeks ago in St. Cecilia Cathedral a very beautiful church. We got a chance to visit omaha zoo. It's a big place, a lot of walking, a great place to visit. Have a great week!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stylish New Frames From Zenni Optical

I been wearing prescription eyeglasses since college. And the prices of getting new glasses when you buy it in any optical store are getting pricey. I looked online and found have a very affordable prescription glasses. All their glasses are great quality and have many style to choose from just like one

So don't waste more money buying your glasses somewhere elses try now!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

backyard adventure

We finally got our new playset a week ago. It's really great. My kids enjoy having this to our backyard that added adventure to their play area. It's great we just paid the store to deliver and installed this. It took 2 men 5 hours to put the play set together. My kids are looking on our window while the men are assembling it. and too exited to try it. And after it's all done they spent hours to playing with it. This playset are made of red wood and cedar so it's really strong even me and my hubby can use the swing. The neighbors even come over and try our playset. Overall a very good quality playset.

We also got a fence installed a few days ago. We have a few problem when their installing the picket fences and i need to deal with it because my hubby's at work the guys who's installing it don't like to do it right. So i need to take pictures of the fence and called their office and fax the pictures that they put the wrong style of fence and after a few hours a truck came with the right style of picket fences.And they finally removed the wrong woods and put what we ordered. The guys apologized for not doing it right the first time. But they also lost time for not looking if they have the right style of fence before installing it. At least they fix it the same day too! and It great that i will feel safe when the kids are playing in our backyard and they cannot go in neighbors yards and in street. I guess we are done for our summer project for our yard for now:)! Anyway have a great Sunday!

Tactical Assault Gear from lapolicegear

We celebrated Independence day is just few days ago. So we have a chance to remember our men in uniform fighting for independence and freedom to make our country safe. If we you know someone you know is giving them something that can make use in their line of work. A great gift will be Tactical Assault Gear .They offer best of quality of a TAG product as compared to anyone else’s in the world. There are many colors and designs to choose from that will suit any men. All Tactical Assault Gear from made from U.S.A. And if you order $ 150 or more now you will get a free shipping.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of july '08

My family spent Independence day in our city's annual Fest. They have air slides, moonwalks, face painting, balloon art, caricaturist and fireworks display before 10 pm. It's really a nice event. My son enjoyed the slides and moonwalks. Of course the finale is a great fireworks. Here are some pictures from yesterday. Anyway have a happy weekends!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

This are taken a few weeks ago when we have storm and tornado warning in our area. I took this just outside our deck door. It's really dark outside. The weather is pretty bad last month. Finally we have a hot and summer weather. My kids really enjoy playing outside with their new playset that we got a few days ago. I will post pictures of that next time. anyway have a great Friday!!
see more SKY here!

Friday, June 20, 2008

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Filipino festival in kansas city

My family went to Filipino festival here in Kansas City. It was organize by the Filipino association here. It's great to sing lupang hinirang again:)! And of course we are really there to eat some filipino foods for lunch. It's great to see many filipino and to hang with friends and to meet new filipina too! They have programs showing traditional filipino dances and songs. The kids really dance good with folk dance from Philippines which i remember that i used to dance to in my elementary days. Overall it's a good event!! anyway have a great Tuesday!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

happy tuesday!!

It's been a few days since i write something here, i don't have luck with PPP this week. And my allergies got bad, my eyes is too watery and itchy so it's hard to be in front of computer:)!.I took some pictures of my kids on our deck when their playing with bubbles that i like to share here.
We went and look for a wood swing set in backyard adventure showroom near us . They have many swing set that my kids tried and and they really enjoy it, It's made of red wood so it's a bit pricey but it look really good. My hubby and kids found one they like but it's too pricey for me. Don't like to spend few thousand of dollars for a swing set. But we are thinking to buy the simple one but still look great and big enough for our backyard still a couple of thousand dollars still more than i want to spend but we saw the cheaper one in different stores and i can understand now why this redwood swing set are more expensive:)! it will take them last week of the month to deliver and install it. I saw a swingset that are cheaper than redwood from ahome improvement store.It's treated lumber but still look great and not too pricey:)a thousand less than the simple redwod swingset that we like. We are still waiting for our fence to be install too! we are in waiting list for 5 weeks for the fence people to put it in, i guess all nearly think the same to put fence and get a wood swing set this summer. Anyway i hope everyone have a great day!!