Monday, March 31, 2008

Movie Buff

I must say i love to watch movies. even the main characters are not popular or maybe I'm not into some actors. but i like the trailers and story line i will still watch it. Having kids change how i watch movies instead in the cinema i just rent movies online. i cost around 20$ + tax, i can rent movies 3 at a time and no time limit. i return DVD as soon i done watching it so i can received the replacement soon:) i have more than 150 movie reviews in my friendster account too. i just finished 3 movies this weekends and I'm thinking to put some movie reviews here, anyway happy Monday!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

one fine day

it's Saturday and the weather is still cold we cannot wait for spring, just another day to spend with my kids!i have new movies i rented online, i hope the weather will be above 50's this weekend but in the forecast we will have rain..anyways have a great weekends!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


i been watching lost since the 1st episode, i like that it's a bit hard to really know what's happening in the story and with my hubby's 50" plasma it's even better to watched it:). I like the character of Ben, Sawyer and Locke but everyone is good in the role too. I been reading some forum/board to see what others theories like mine. It's every Thursday and now now it's rerun and will have new episode in last week of April. oh well now i have time to look for another show or maybe get a book to read or just have time to relax if the kids are already sleeping:)!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter! myspace graphic comments

Thursday, March 20, 2008

sunrise. day

Every morning it's really great that our house have a very beautiful sight.It look great at winter whwn there's no leaves on trees. It' just great to see the sunrise & sunlights to start a brand new day..

5th weding anniversary

my family spend my hubby and i 5th anniversary at great wolf lodge in Kansas city, Kansas. it is a full-service, year-round family destination resort .
we stayed in kid's camp suites, my kids likes the bunk bed, the size of the room is ok! not too big just right size for my family, a bigger bed will be great:)the park has a 49,000 square-foot indoor entertainment area,

featuring a grand scale water park; which we really enjoy there are lots of family there too maybe because spring break already starts. we just order room service for our dinner because we just so tired to dress up and wait for table at the restaurant. well the food are not even good i did not eat my spaghetti there's a different taste from it, the other foods are ok! we are hungry of course:) the next morning we went on their restaurant for buffet breakfast which is better and it look like your in a camp there, a really nice theme restaurant. we spend more:) on the arcade which i really fun bonding for the whole family, overall a good vacation to escape the cold winter weather!!


my whole family travel to tagaytay for a day trip. The weather is great when we're on the road, it took us nearly 3 hours arrived in calaruega church,a very solemn and beautiful church, it's very popular for wedding.

when we got there they are preparing and decorating the church for a wedding, the church ground is the best for wedding pictures they have great landscape with lots of plant and beautiful flowers. the church is inside a monastery so you will see many nuns and priest around. you will feel the serenity of the place even there are many tourist around.
after the church we left to have our lunch in Leslie's restaurant, it has great view of taal lake and and offer many filipino foods which many said is very good, of course it will depend on your taste buds:)the restaurant have a native feel, there are lots of people so there a bit waiting time to get out table for 14 people.well the food taste good nothing very special but with the cold weather the food get cold easily. overall a good restaurant with a great view of taal lake perfect for picture taking.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

beach escapade

We spend a night in pearl farm beach resort in samal island Davao, it's 45 minutes boat ride from wharf. The beach is great, we have the samal house a cottage on stilts perched above the sea and we have a very beautiful sunset., their Maranao restaurant have good selection of food in the dinner buffets but of course a bit high price compare to the other resort. their even have group of singers serenade you while you eat. the resort have 2 good size swimming pool and a white sand beach. my hubby and kids together with my sisters went swimming in the beach while I have a great massage in Ylang Ylang Spa because I'm not feeling well and got light fever, the spa is great it really make me feel well, I'm the only one there even it's they only put one client or couple so you will have quite and have privacy throughout the session.. the resort have some filipino actors guest that weekends, they have this show just like survivors or somethings, that what the ladies in the spa are talking about:) anyways the resort have good facilities, but the rooms need renovation but i guess they already starting on the other rooms when we are there, a bit loud we're lucky we are not next to that room being renovate:) we have a great time in the resort but i feel it's overprice:) and i still like the beach in panglao island or even boracay which when we are there i feel very crowded but still have the best fine white beach. so here's a few pictures from our vacation.

vacation in pinas- davao city tour

after my daughters birthday we went to Davao, we took a city tours which include Philippine eagle center, jack ridge restaurant where we have lunch -food is good , and davao crocodile park which we like better:)it's like a zoo with many different animals aside from crocodile, my son like the lions and yellow snake... we spent a night in paradise park resort because it is so near the city by boat but the rooms are not that impressive the beds are small and hard we even got their expensive room:) of course we got what we paid for,it's a affordable resort compare to the city hotels. the beach is great tough the water is clean and sand is white,overall a good stay.

1st Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party with the help on internet is great because i can see the vendors website and see the reviews of the client from the forum girl talk it help to have a successful party for my daughter with the help of my family in pinas of course:)
the venue can hold 120 so we basically just invited what the fit the venue and 110 arrive and attend my daughter's 1st birthday. i hired a photographer and they got us nearly 400 pictures and from looking at it we all have great time as well as the guest which is important in any party!here are some pictures from my party!!

philippines vacation 2008

I just taught of having vacation in Philippines after my daughter baptism so we can celebrate her 1st birthday there and have vacation as the same time. i talked to my hubby and he agreed and told me he can have 3 weeks off for us to visit Philippines again, it been a long time we went back for our son's baptism last may 2004. We decided on a date and bought our tickets together with my relatives in California.. so it's my turn to get some info for planning a birthday party , it's great my family there help and they are the on who look and booked the venue for me. and i found some vendors online and just email them what i want and paid my reservation to their banks which is easy and faster. i have a dora theme party for my daughter because both of my kids just love watching dora the explorer. After all the planning for the party, my hubby wants to have sometime in the beach. i picked pearl farm beach resort in davao and i showed it to my hubby and he likes it so we booked our flights and resort room for us , with our kids and my 2 sisters too..

so after a few months we flew in Philippines so escape the winter weather here for 3 weeks.. After a very very long hours in the plane and thankful that my kids is well behave and no problem sleeping in the plane we arrived safe and sound and happy to be back with my family again!

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