Saturday, January 31, 2009

LOST with pinoy touch

Finally one of my favorite show come back. Lost make the followers like me more confuse and think about what happen on their last episode to really get what's happening to the series. On the last episode i got surprise to here tagalog words while desmond is running and looking for the doctor who help his wife to have his son charlie. And it's great to see filipino flag and have mabuhay word in it:)! It great to see that filipino has been part of the show even for a few minutes:) i bet some of the writers have Filipino blood on them:). The story still make you wonder more and really wait for each episode. Anyway i hope everyone have a great weekends!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

2nd birthday!!

We celebrated my daughter 2nd birthday yesterday. I mostly cooked all the foods. We only invited few guest, we have my daughter's godparents family and 2 family with daughters too and my sister and her hubby come down from Omaha! It's a great day not too cold so the kids had a chance to play in th backyard. I like to thank all our guest for coming and for all the gifts. Here are some pictures from yesterday.. Anyway have a great day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new year '09

It's finally 2009! my family spend our new years eve and day just in our home. We plan to go to a mass at the Filipino community center in Kansas city it starts at 10 pm . It's a bit far from our house like 45 minutes away. But we did not make it there because my daughter is not feeling well and my kids are already sleeping before the mass start:) they are a bit grumpy when they don't make it to their bed time:)!!
anyway we just watch the new years eve show from new york in tv. It's still great to just stay home and spent eve with my family. On the following day we went to this play place with lots of inflatables called fun-run near our house so my kids can play! it's too crowded with the kids still out of school.anyway i wish everyone to have a prosperous new year!!