Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy in philippines

Typhoon Ondoy hit really hard metro manila in philippines. Most afected areas are cainta, pasig, marikina , mostly rizal province but some part of manila and Quezon city are flooded too. I'm trying to call my family for 2 days now but i can't get hold of them, maybe the phone line is dead because of high water the same as they cut off th electricity. My aunt in California have a chance to talk to my mother before flood water get high. The last time she talk to them the water just hit their living room. They live in a 2 story house which is higher than other houses in their subdivision. My mother even let neighbors stayed in their house because they live in a ranch/bungalow house and the water already reach their windows. It's good my mother have a second floor for them to stay and put their furniture from the lower level where the flood already reach. Anyway i just hope and pray everyone in my family and friends (i have friends in rizal province too) are all safe and in good health. Be safe everyone and have a blessed Sunday!
*here are some pictures of my family house in cainta during ondoy*