Wednesday, March 19, 2008

philippines vacation 2008

I just taught of having vacation in Philippines after my daughter baptism so we can celebrate her 1st birthday there and have vacation as the same time. i talked to my hubby and he agreed and told me he can have 3 weeks off for us to visit Philippines again, it been a long time we went back for our son's baptism last may 2004. We decided on a date and bought our tickets together with my relatives in California.. so it's my turn to get some info for planning a birthday party , it's great my family there help and they are the on who look and booked the venue for me. and i found some vendors online and just email them what i want and paid my reservation to their banks which is easy and faster. i have a dora theme party for my daughter because both of my kids just love watching dora the explorer. After all the planning for the party, my hubby wants to have sometime in the beach. i picked pearl farm beach resort in davao and i showed it to my hubby and he likes it so we booked our flights and resort room for us , with our kids and my 2 sisters too..

so after a few months we flew in Philippines so escape the winter weather here for 3 weeks.. After a very very long hours in the plane and thankful that my kids is well behave and no problem sleeping in the plane we arrived safe and sound and happy to be back with my family again!