Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday Month!

My son and i have the same month of birthday. We usually celebrated our birthday together with few friends. We celebrate it a week after my birthday and a week before his. And he's a day before thanksgiving baby so usually we celebrate his birthday during thanksgiving with family. My sister is coming and help me cook which is great:)! I invite some families i know but only a few are coming and still not get back to me to tell me if they can make it. I hope they can! I know many are busy because of the holiday so i understand. And i found out there are many have November birthday too so maybe they already have plans. I don't really have lot's of close friends here, many are acquaintance!It will be great to have more time to get to know every filipina/person i meet and maybe develop friendship! maybe in the near future!! I'm still blessed to still have a small celebration for me and my son with family and friends. But having another birthday is enough reason to be happy and celebrate it with my family and friends who want to be with us that day and i appreciate very much for them to take time to be with us!i really hope for a great weather that day !