Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

My son's preschool has Parent Teacher Conference this week. I signed to have it yesterday at 12:30 pm. My hubby and I already notice lots of improvement in our son when he start school. He talks a lot now and ask too much question:). This is his first experience in school not like most of his classmate that started preschool when they are 3 or even much younger.I'm really looking forward to get report from the teacher on what he's doing at school. There are no grading system yet but they have a list what the school standard on kids. The teacher give us the report chart and it's look great:) i know my son is still in adjustment period because he's only been in school almost 3 months. His teacher told us his doing great for a kid just have now started to be in school setting. Academic wise his doing great! It's just he's still shy and talk so soft with the other kids but he talks so loud at home: But the teacher said he like to be part of the group now and not too shy anymore and staring to talk a lot now too!! He just need to overcome his shyness and participate more with his classmate I'm glad on what he learned at school because it cost a lot for us:)! and hope it will continue next school year.Anyway have a great day!