Monday, November 24, 2008

birthday party!!

My son and I celebrated our birthday together yesterday. It's great to have filipinas and their family to share our day! It's a great day not too cold and windy outside because we rent a moonwalk for the kids. My sister help me cooked and prepare the party. Over all the party went great, the kids have a good time in the moonwalk and nearly all i invited came even they are far from us so the 25 guest that we have yesterday is really a good size for my family to host, not too big not too small just the right size for our house:)! It's great to be around filipina and enjoying filipino foods too! My son is happy for the gifts that he got and his blues clues cake:)! My family like to thanks everyone for who came and for all the gifts we received. Here are some pictures from yesterday.Anyway have a great day!!