Wednesday, November 5, 2008

trick or treats '08

The kids have fun last Halloween. We even went out early right after six to go trick or treats in our neighbors. We only lasted nearly an hour because my daughter got tired already and it's getting cold and dark. And she's already coughing. So we just give out treat from our house. We have many kids again maybe nearly 80 or more. There are lots of kids from different neighborhood that goes in our subdivision, i saw that cars and mini van and dropping kids to goes around here. I turn off our light around 8:30 ,my kids are getting tired and sleepy. But there are still kids whose using the door bell or knocking even the lights outside is off. Here if your done giving treats just turn off the light so kids will know your done for the night. But i guess not all like that and try their luck if people will still open doors for them. So after i turn off our light kids still knocked so i just looked out in the window and saw maybe a dozen or more kids in our driveway:) and i saw some cars drop them off, so there are not from our subdivision. i like to open the door to give out my left over treats but i saw there are more large group of older kids coming from the other side so i just ignore them because my kids are getting ready for bed and my lights are off so i figure they will get the message and I'm not sure if i have enough treats left to give. Anyway the kids have a great day and here is a picture of my dark knight and little bee. Have a great day!