Monday, November 17, 2008

5th birthday!!

For my son's 5th birthday i plan a party for him in this play area with lot's of moonwalks/bouncer but decided not to pursue it because we plan to invite his preschool classmates but my hubby taught it will be on thanksgiving weekend and maybe many are out of town and he's still new at school and the kids parents don't know us yet. So i talked to his teacher and we will just do a classroom birthday party and i will bring cupcake, other treats and goody bags for his classmates and everyone will be there to celebrate it with him. My son want to have a mickey mouse clubhouse theme party, I think that will be great for his age now. And we will just have a bigger party plan when he get older and know more kids! i know next year he know many kids from his school now when they all move to kindergarten and i plan to enrolled him to soccer or softball next summer. So he will know and friends more kids before his 6th birthday.I plan to have his 7th birthday in Philippines so he will got a big party there:)! on my daughter's 1st birthday we have 120 guest so his party maybe will be in that size too! It's really great seeing my son's grew and becoming a big boy. Anyway have a great day!!