Monday, October 6, 2008

big girl bed

We finally got my our daughter her own twin bed. I plan to move her to her own bed when she turns 2 but it will be in January and i don't like to shop around and it's hard to paint a room when it's too cold and winter here. And she's getting interested to be in his brother's bed and of course it's not big enough for the two of them and my son want his space for his own and he always share but it's better for her to get her own bed anyway:)!. I choose for them to share a room for now until they get older and get tired of being together on one room:)And my son will moved to our bigger room which as of now set up as guest room. They will share my son's room but it's has been painted blue, so painted the room with 3 colors - blue, pink and yellow. It turned out great:) it's a lot of work and a bit pricey too lol!! but it's great to make a room with boy and girl colors in it. We went in Nebraska furniture store which is too big and many selection to choose from, my husband and kids are getting tired from waiting for me to make up my mind and already pick the bed:)!here is the bed we got for her it's Enchantment Collection from legacy classic kids co.
As for now we only got the bed set but when she grow older and got the room by her self i plan to get the dresser,night stand and study desk from this collection as in the picture. It will be deliver tomorrow and i will take pictures as soon i set up their bedroom and share it here -one of the the joy of being a mom:)!!anyway have a happy day!


blessedmom said...

hi mommy elsa! that's a cute room! bagay for ur pretty girl! update us with pictures ha! im excited to see the room :)

Catherine said...

I think it's good to prepare a room for our kids as they will learn to be more independent, and at the same time they can enjoy their privacy from their dad and mommy. I didn't have a chance to own my own room until I was 16....