Tuesday, June 10, 2008

happy tuesday!!

It's been a few days since i write something here, i don't have luck with PPP this week. And my allergies got bad, my eyes is too watery and itchy so it's hard to be in front of computer:)!.I took some pictures of my kids on our deck when their playing with bubbles that i like to share here.
We went and look for a wood swing set in backyard adventure showroom near us . They have many swing set that my kids tried and and they really enjoy it, It's made of red wood so it's a bit pricey but it look really good. My hubby and kids found one they like but it's too pricey for me. Don't like to spend few thousand of dollars for a swing set. But we are thinking to buy the simple one but still look great and big enough for our backyard still a couple of thousand dollars still more than i want to spend but we saw the cheaper one in different stores and i can understand now why this redwood swing set are more expensive:)! it will take them last week of the month to deliver and install it. I saw a swingset that are cheaper than redwood from ahome improvement store.It's treated lumber but still look great and not too pricey:)a thousand less than the simple redwod swingset that we like. We are still waiting for our fence to be install too! we are in waiting list for 5 weeks for the fence people to put it in, i guess all nearly think the same to put fence and get a wood swing set this summer. Anyway i hope everyone have a great day!!


theworkingmom said...

Great pics of your kids!

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Hope you see you around!


Imelda said...

Me too sis, have not been lucky with PPP lately.

Nice shots here. Wide lawn huh? Take care always sis.