Thursday, May 29, 2008

what i missed about philiipines!

Of course my family and friends and but i missed a lot is Filipino foods. I can cook some filipino dishes here too. But my mother's cooking taste good than my cooking or the filipino restaurant here:)!I missed her sinigang, adobo, laing and spicy bicol foods. I misses kakanin!! i missed lugaw and tokwat baboy! i missed grilled fish and pork and even street inihaw too :)!!and a lot more... It's like it's been a long time since i taste this but the truth is we just been in Philippines last January for vacation but i still missed this food everyday:(!!We just need to save again and plan another vacation in maybe 2 years. It just too pricey for a family of 4 to travel out of the country. But it's all worth it to see people we love, places i like to see again and to get food I'm craving to eat again!