Friday, May 16, 2008

1st class wedding invitations

Wedding season is here! Many love to get married in spring and summer days. It's really great to be witness a wedding and when two people to share they lives together. I been to a wedding before that the priest forgot the name of the couple, he's keep on saying different names. Everyone just look at each other and smile. Finally his help in the altar told him about the couple names and he said it right before the mass ended and even gave a joke about his memory everyone just laugh about it. When i got married i made my own wedding invitation. But now it's easy to have a 1st Class Wedding Invitations.

1st class wedding invitations has zoom feature! This will allow people to see the quality of invitations in great detail. Take your mouse and hover over any invitation to see it in clear detail. This is something no other wedding invitation site has. You can search the invitation by color, theme and type of paper. They have information and answer to your questions in your invitation.You can even see what's sample and favorites. And customer service that always there to help you. So it is very easy to find the invitation of your dream!

Personally i love pink and brown color combination. A simple and classic look for a wedding invitation.

So don't look further more and order your invites now, and save time and energy because i know you have more things to plan to have the wedding of your dream that most of us plan since we are teens!!