Monday, May 19, 2008

Exchange Links Thanks!

I been blogging for years right after i had my son. It's like my mommy diary:) but when i joined PPP they did not approved that blog so i made this one and still a few months old. Now I'm trying to get bloggers to visit me here. So I just like say thank you to all the nice bloggers who exchange links with me. The first batch of my blog link are in BLOGROLL and i put the new batch in ~Bloggers~. and i joined pinay bloggers forum and Wordless Wednesday they add me to their blogroll too! to all bloggers with higher page rank who still xlink with me, even i still don't have rank!thanks guys! Of course not all i asked for xlinks add me to them but even they don't and i like their blog i still put their links here. I just hope all this effort and time blog hopping and looking for xlinks will paid off and i will get even 1 rank highter than 0... :)!! Thanks!!