Sunday, May 4, 2008

ebay seller

I used to be an eBay seller! I sold silk wedding flowers, i made wedding flower set for whole bridal entourage.I only made 4 to 5 sets in a month to make sure i can give good quality products and i still made a good profit:)! I just put a listing and they will buy it and i will make the flower within 2 to 3 weeks. so basically they will pay me first to buy all the materials and pay for eBay fees too! I really like making this flowers for the brides to be and talking and knowing what they want for their flowers really make me part of their wedding even i don't know them personally. I just stop now because of i want to give full attention to my family! my kids are taking all my time:)!! anyway i just write this because i have some inquiries if i will make a listing soon because it's wedding season again -spring and summer. I'm thinking to go back when the kids starts pre-school. This is a good part time job for me too:!!)here are some some of my feedbacks

Positive feedback rating -the flowers are very beautiful. thank you very much. Buyer: ups_er Jul-16-07 13:48 -- (#170115755626) --

Positive feedback rating - FLOWERS ARE WONDERFUL WILL MAKE THE WEDDING GREAT A+++++THANK YOU Buyer: bevjj5 Jul-10-07 21:09 -- (#170119939006)

Positive feedback rating -Best service I have ever had! I highly recommend this seller! Beautiful flowers! Buyer: sindy815 Jun-20-07 10:56-- (#170113875909)

Positive feedback rating -These are so beautiful.... I got so many compliments at work about them... A++++ Buyer:babieblueyes87 Jun-12-07 19:15 -- (#170112362538)

Positive feedback rating-Beautiful, Beautiful. Perfectly what I wanted. Thank you so much!!! Awesome, Buyer:carolg402 Jun-04-07 12:06-- (#170097924239) --

Positive feedback rating-The flowers are beautiful and just what I wanted. Great seller! Thanks! Buyer: ekb1708 Jun-04-07 10:52 -- (#170112362995)

Aside from flowers i used to sell clothing too from my son old clothes to designer clothing from thrift stores. Yes thrift store -eBay buyer like to buy name brand clothes in cheap price:)! I really make good profit in it. my first name brand i found is sean john shirt for $.25 cent still very good condition and i put it on eBay and start at $10. And i got many bid for it, and someone bought it for $30. And Levi's jeans those 501 styles i bought it in thrift store at $5 and sold it on eBay over $30 or more. So if I still have time to go and look for this items in every thrift store near my place it will great. But of course there are many people think the same too. when i went to the thrift store few months ago they don't even have good name brand clothes, I asked the lady there and she said many buys there now and looking for those items and they will sell in on Ebay too! I look and saw that many eBay sellers are from my city,my hubby's co worker's daughter is doing the same too!, i think i saw some of them at the post office before we all have the ebay USPS box:!)
Oh well everyone want to have extra cash! anyway have a great weekend!