Thursday, April 24, 2008

plant shopping!

After having a bit colder spring finally we have a temperature 60 above almost everyday now, so i can got a chance to shop for new plants for our yard. We went in lowes and bought some perennials and annual plants. And edging, garden and top soil and some red mulch. We spend more than 100$ for everything, i found some cheaper plant with the colors i want which is really nice size too. I start to put a flower bed around our maple tree in the front yard. It took i hour to do it, it's faster because my daughter is taking a nap and my son is just playing and just watching me doing my planting. He really likes it and keep asking everything about plants. I still have some plant to put around my roses to cover the utility boxes for telephone and cable on the side of front ground. It will great to put my new purple grass and some colorful perennial to cover that area. It will take more hours to do it because it's bit bigger than my flower bed around the tree. But all the effort of doing the planting is really pay off when i see all my flower are blooming with beautiful flowers now it have all my flowering bulbs there with different colors, I plant those 2 years ago and always come out every spring which is really nice. Some houses in our neighborhood have great landscape but they usually hire someone to do it. We are do your self family:) we just like to save money :)!!I just like planting it make me relax and enjoy my nature more! anyway have a great day!!