Friday, April 25, 2008

I joined Pay Per Post

I got interested to join pay per post when i saw nearly all the blogs i read already joined and they even have compensations. I'm member of this one forum and one of the member is one of the highest earner for the month, i can't believe how much you can earn by joining payperpost

It took me a while to get my blog approved. But this is a great way to meet new people by blog hopping and reading and knowing each person behind the blog is really wonderful. I met some people by just reading their blogs.

and don't forget the extra money that you can get.I'm a stay at home mother any additional money will be great for my kids too! I'm thinking in saving the money that i will get here for our vacation from pay per post.

I like writing and to know some products and service but the good part is i have a good internet connection too! What i like in pay per post is I can manage my own time, do this when the kids are taking a nap or just after house work and have extra time at night. I Like to give information and sharing my opinion on what i feel on different things to other people. I hope to have be a successful member of pay per post like other members.