Thursday, June 4, 2009

1st school bus ride

My son started his 1st day of summer kindergarten. Our school district have a program so the kids will be ready for their next school year in fall. My son 1st school bus ride is a bit nervous more for me. Of course as a mom I'm worried if he will get off in the wrong bus stop but i know the driver will check her list to make sure student will be on their right stop. And also they have a name plate for the 1st week to wear where it has their name, teacher and bus number. The bus driver seems nice too! This is just the first time he been away that long and ride any vehicle on his own. My hubby said he's a big boy he will be fine! but of course he's still my baby boy:)! Today is a great day no tears:)! He's happy to tell his story on what happen at school. I asked if his teacher and new classmate are nice to him. He said they all ok:)!I hope and pray that his good experience today will continue until the end of the month and when he start regular kindergarten in fall. It's getting hot in here! can't complain i like it better that winter... Anyway i hope everyone have a great day!!