Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cnn money top 100 best small town to live

The city or town that we live is been on cnn money top 30 best small town to live. It's great to know that we live in one on the nicest town here. It's a city outside Kansas city,mo -smaller city than Kansas city. It's great town with great school parks and not too much traffIc , shops and restaurants are everywhere now! The city really got hundred years old historic homes that pretty great to see. I like to own one someday but we just build our home nearly 4 years ago so it will take a while to get that old historic home maybe when the kids are older and can help to move our things:)!There only few filipina i know who lives here but the filipino store are just 15 minutes away. and My friends just like in the nearby towns. I got some pictures that i like to share from out town. The city hall/ downtown area, my son school, community center, the subdivision we live and community center. Anyway have a great day everyone!!