Sunday, March 29, 2009

kindergarten roundup

My son will start kindergarten this fall. He grew up so fast. We went to his school kindergarten roundup to enroll him and to tour the school and the kinder classroom. It's a good experience seeing what it look like and we expect for his daily activities in school. We meet the school staff and kindergarten teachers. So far it look good. We also enroll him to attend summer school for almost a month in June, his school have this to prepare kids who will attend regular school in fall just to be familiarize and be ready in kindergarten. I think this is great for him to know and see what he will attend for regular school. We suppose to go to florida/disney world for vacation in June but i guess it's more important that my son will be prepare and ready for his school first:)!I'm thinking to move it on July. Anyway i hope everyone will have a great Sunday!

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blessedmom said...

wow! time flies so fast..prang kelan lang baby pa lang si Connor..ngayon kinder would be chloe..soon my son would be in school na rin...

nyways, ingat and kisses to ur adorable kids! :)